What its costing you, NOT to do YOGA!

What its costing you, NOT to do YOGA!

If you have heard me (Julz) mention in class, “this pose will naturally adjust you, then you can cancel your chiropractor appointment, lol” I wasn’t kidding! You may have also felt the massaging effects of the practice and breath make you question the need for that massage. Another possibility is the less frequent, doctor visits, counselor calls and sick leave you require.

All of the above are necessary and needed from time to time (like for the winter season flu’s and blues) but it’s amazing how much and how many extra bonuses you get from practicing yoga. The groovy gravy of it all, is that it is documented. In a Harvard  study done in 2006-2009 , that covered over 1,000 physicians and over 34,000 patient visits, stated that there is a significant reducing in stress response for those that practice yoga, meditation and breath practices, which stress is 60-80% responsible for disease- dare I say 80%+?? This doesn’t even include the fact that only 3% of physicians ask their patients about their stress level.

“Mind-body practices like yoga and meditation have been shown to reduce your body’s stress response by strengthening your relaxation response and lowering stress hormones like cortisol.” says Marlynn Wei, MD, JD. This was really the first study of its kind. Even though lots of study’s have proven the effectiveness of yoga and meditation for health.

Marlynn Wei, MD, JD
As wonderful as other forms of movement and exercise are, nothing measures up to Yoga. Where can you receive strength, flexibility, clarity, reduction of cortisol, reduction of blood pressure, balancing of hormones, gain insight, improve immune function, improve cardiovascular function, increase bone density, balance, and find a open minded network for authentic people? This list is only the beginning and not the end. Here’s a list of 38 health benefits of yoga. My friends, this is only the beginning. Even the stress reduction has effected my skins glowing condition, maintaining a healthy weight and helped me see the world through a hopeful lens. That peace of mind is worth a lot….
“Before I cultivated a regular yoga practice, I was in and out of doctors offices, emergency rooms, and chiropractic offices. I had chronic inflammation, unstable joints, and a nervous system in chaos.  One day, after receiving a $1300 medical bill, I figured a yoga membership would be cheaper, and decided to go all in. I started attending 4-5 times a week and immediately felt marked improvement. I haven’t had a true medical emergency since. Yoga has not only improved my physical and mental health, it has taught me the skills needed to breathe through the difficult issues. Yoga is key to my quality of life in every aspect.” LLYC student
So lets calculate it:
Average Dr. visit- $200 x 10 annually
Chiropractor- $90 x 10 annually
Counselor- $75-$150 x 12 annually
Massage- $90-$120 x 5 annually
Missing work- annual cost of $10,000-$100,000
Weight loss efforts (GYM- programs)-Americans spend $60 Billion annually= $600 per person
Thats a lots of savings! 
Insurance will soon see that to avoid paying out so much of this money, it’s time to include Yoga insurance coverage like Washington. “Many health care plans do not cover yoga or meditation, although some provide discounts for fitness programs including yoga or tai chi. States like Washington require private health insurers to cover licensed complementary health care providers, but the majority of states do not. However, that may soon change.” 
Other fun ways Yoga saves you money:
-Speeding ticket prevention
-Grocery bills
-Money on clothes
-Gym membership
-Expensive cosmetics
-and more…..
I will take Yoga over and doctor visits any day. Who’s with me?
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