Teacher Training

Our Teacher Certification program is the best idea you have ever had!!

Embark on a sacred journey as we present the necessary knowledge for becoming a well rounded yoga instructor or taking your practice to a whole new level.

What makes this training  unique?

First, we are committed to letting you explore your inner voice and what makes you YOU! How your story needs to be heard as you guide others along the YOGA path. Bringing you to a discovery of hidden strengths and encouraging you to develop them. As we weave the traditions of this ancient art with our own experience, you will feel the respect of the path that you will be entrusted with.

Special attention is given.

Second, as your quest begins with us, you will instantly feel a greater clarity on topics like anatomy of the body, mind and the spirit as we go into great detail mapping each one these. This knowledge will bring your students into full embodiment of radiant living. Asanas (Physiology and Structural bio-mechanics), Pranayama (pranic flow techniques and mental tendencies), Meditation (deep reservoir of stillness and reflection), and Chakras, just to name a few.


Sadhana Purnam (full devoted practice)

Third, we provide many opportunities to deliver your essence as a teacher in the arena of the training, so that you will be ready to offer classes soon after completing the course. A sadhana is a sacred offering, not just a live video delivery of a set of poses. We will intelligently, masterfully and compassionately provide you with feedback and suggestions that will steer you into effectiveness while keeping your individuality intact.



Tons of extras! 

Last but not least, with your registration into our Lifted Yoga School ©, you will be given 5 text books that provide the most clear information on yoga, that you will find yourself using over and over again. A highlight of the training is the college quality cadaver lab ($150+ value) thats provided in phase 3 to give you first hand experience with the miracle of life, anatomy and the physical frame. Celebrate with your fellow trainees (and other yoga students) with the required, but fully included, Zion National Park Yoga Retreat. Its a majestic refresher thats a Luxury event (valuing $650+) priceless in itself.



  • 200RYT Program

You will receive valuable information on History, Basic Anatomy, Methodology, Techniques, Sequencing, Philosophy & Ethics. Included is a manual with support materials and other helpful information that will be a great continual reference.


“My training through LLYC took someone like me who was very shy and felt completely inadequate about even doing yoga let alone teaching it, to someone who is now confident and competent and very grateful to be able to both practice and teach yoga. And especially instilled in me a desire and love to constantly continue learning and growing and improving!” S. Squire



“Lifted Life Yoga was incredible. They offer more alignment and injury prevention training than any other studio I have worked with.” K. Carr