Yoga in Prisons – Benefits Everyone

Yoga in Prisons – Benefits Everyone

You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it. –Albert Einstein

It seems that yoga is catching on and being offered everywhere – including in the work place, hospitals, schools and even prison’s.  Many are benefiting from what is an endless list of benefits with sometimes surprising results. Weight-loss and Flexibility are common results as well as a peaceful inner stillness, but shifting the behavior of criminals? That’s what these three prisons have found when they began the practice of yoga and meditation with their inmates. Quoted from

At first glance, a room filled with a group of people practicing meditation may not look unusual. But these men and women who are sitting calmly, trying to focus their minds, are a little different from most. They are prisoners in the central jail in the Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka, serving sentences for committing violent crimes. Their objective? To reduce anxiety and make a new beginning. This is the first time prison officials in Bangladesh have introduced a meditation program for inmates.”

In an Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, some 4000 inmates have a chance to shorten there jail sentence by practicing yoga regularly. The state’s inspector general of prisons, Sanjay Mane, said: “Yoga is good for maintaining fitness, calming the behavior, controlling anger and reducing stress. Some even move on to teach yoga. A quote from inmate at Gwalior central jail, Narayan Sharma – who now has become an instructor – says it helps to banish the “angry thoughts” in his mind “It was these thoughts that made me commit crimes,” he said. “I hope that after we are released, we can use what we have learned and promote yoga in society so that people no longer commit crime.”

A little closer to home in the United States one other prison is seeing surprising results:

“San Quentin is one of the nation’s most notorious prisons. It is home to some of California’s most dangerous criminals – 80% of whom are going to get out one day. But it is also notorious for an unusual, and some say bizarre, inmate rehabilitation program.The Insight Prison Project teaches inmates how to control their anger by tapping into it — primarily through yoga techniques. 300 men a week take the classes. No tax money is used to fund this program. And it seems to be working. Since its inception 6 years ago, only one program graduate has returned to prison — a far cry from the 70% average return-to-prison rate for San Quentin inmates.” to view the news broadcast copy and paste this address in your browser window.

As yoga helps us and others throughout the world – the effect can only be a raised global consciousness. How easy it is to begin this change in even the most difficult places in our world. Now share yoga with everyone you meet and see the change in our own community. Come join us at LLYC!

  • Kyle Clouse
    Posted at 21:35h, 29 December Reply

    This is great! Yoga being used as therapy in an unlikely atmosphere. The power of the mind to change course is amazing.

    • Julie
      Posted at 22:39h, 29 December Reply

      The list of reasons to cultivate a regular yoga practice, never stop. And yet it still amazes me. Three cheers for yoga:)

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