Live Streamed Classes

Live Streamed Classes

It’s been a long weekend and your in dire need of a yoga class. The yoga in your area isn’t quite what you need. Your wanting a authentic, sensitive approach with knowledgeable instruction and an inspirational tone to get your ready for your week. Perhaps you live close to LLYC but can’t leave the house because of this reason or the other. Have a trip planned for business or pleasure but still want to practice while away?

Maybe you knew or maybe you didn’t know that LLYC can LIVE Stream their classes straight to you via Google hangouts.Classes at LLYC Thats right. You don’t even have to get in the car. Just roll out of bed or stretch out your mat after a long day and join the class you reserved.
Here are the steps to qualify you for this amazing option:

#1- Want to practice yoga with an amazing LLYC instructor

#2- Have a membership or current pass with LLYC

#3- Have Google hangouts downloaded on your computer or App on your phone or iPad

#4- Have done a test run with an LLYC staff member


If you want to get set up right away. Follow the instructions below and contact us to reserve a class today……It’s as easy as 1,2,3,4…!!!!


See you in class


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