Life Changing Travel

Life Changing Travel

Where did the last two weeks go?
Well, sickness came and went, rafting down the Ganga checked off my list of -“Have to do in my life”, hiking to a pristine waterfall done with joy, and the 300RYT teacher training course finally completed.

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Thats where it went!
It takes time to have fun, study, practice and experience a distant culture, one month for me anyway. Im pleased with myself and my ability to take it all in. Putting all hesitations, doubts, and insecurities a side, this was a great trip.

While my mind is still digesting all the yoga teacher training information, my body is feeling strong and firm. My heart longs for home as it also misses the newly found family. And the food will be something i will try to duplicate, YUM!! (anyone know how to make a vegan omelette out of chickpea flour with tahini garlic spread?)
Anywhere can be home when you are comfortable i your own skin. My steady practice has shaped muscles I haven’t seen in a few years. The ease with myself made it a cinch to search out and attract wholesome respectful people. The trust in my inner voice allowed for safety in all situations, as well as a watchful heavenly eye.

I am forever changed!!!
But the thing I am most relieved about from this whole trip is
returning to clean air (the air in India is like living with your face placed just a foot above a steady campfire burning), clean streets (walking around wasn’t easy dodging poop from cows, dog’s, geese or humans), and Indian music ( I love music but, constant chanting or high pitched whining was not filling my need for music)!!

Yay!! Air France was the perfect transition. I will definately fly with them again on my next adventure:) stay tuned…….

Now, If you noticed a change in yourself, when and how did it happen?
How does your view of the world or yourself effect you now?


Julie Branham, E-200RYT, 500RYT, AWC

“I dance (do yoga) so that no part of my body is without prayer”

  • Kaari
    Posted at 23:12h, 10 December Reply

    I’m enjoying the parts you write about trust and inner voice. I’m glad you got to fresh, clean air.

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