“Levels of a Yoga Practitioner..Which are you?”

“Levels of a Yoga Practitioner..Which are you?”

It’s getting colder, the holiday season is over and done, where do you find yourself in your personal yoga journey. It’s tempting to stay snuggled in our warm cars and houses and not take a moment of recharging when there demands and deadlines. If your yoga practice was steady or firmly consistent, distractions can shift our focus to being more Hesitant. Finding yourself in a hesitant mode, describes one of the steps on a personal journey of a yoga practitioner.

There are 4 levels of the Yoga Practitioner. The first is Hesitant:  We find these hesitations more in our minds then in our hearts. You may have recognized this state that made it challenging for you to even get your body through the door to your first studio yoga class. Or after you initially started your journey then found that it’s priority fell further and further down the list. As we dive into this yoga path we are at first determined to gain some benefit and reach a specific goal. Then when life gets busy or in the way, we pull back and shut off our progress for a while. Sound like someone?

The second level is Adequate/Moderate: When we are pleased with the outcome or benefits of our practice, it’s just motivating enough to keep it your mind. Because of their goals, they may think they have gained all that they could from their yoga experience. Many that find themselves on the moderate road, will sometimes quickly move their energy in another direction before they take notice to the next level that’s just around the horizon.  Is this anyone you know?

The third level of a yoga aspirant is Exceptional:  This is a deep seeded commitment to self discovery that only once in a while is derailed. You may notice these people as the ones that are generally seen at yoga. If they take a leave from yoga, it’s only for a short time. This level of practitioner will often sign up for many workshops, retreats and may even decide to sign up for a Teacher Training program. Are you this person?

The fourth and final level is Extraordinary: It just exactly that, extra-ordinary. As Yoga makes a deeper impact on our culture, many years have gone by with the amazing influence of yoga in our communities, that this practitioner has been not just interested in- but thirsting for the necessary gifts and brilliance yoga offers. Time after time, week after week, year after year you will see this person in classes with unwavering drive for knowledge, enlightenment, and peace. This passion and fire for excellence keeps them going steady for a lifetime. I know that this is all of you if you allow it!!

I have for the first time in my yoga career committed to a whole new level. I started with a very attainable accomplishment of doing yoga for 30 days solid without skipping (even on Sunday). Some of those days where only a quiet/personal/20min. others an inspiring full class. I’m at day 20 and so far I have been amazed at the wellspring of understanding, calm and open wisdom this effort has givin’ back to me. Of course I plan to carry this on in a way that best suits the energy supply my body, mind & soul needs. Use the guide above to determine which place you find yourself at different times throughout the year and re commitment to the discovery of the view beyond the horizon. All of us here at LLYC will help you discover the healing, strength and inspiration you need to reach every heartfelt level you’ve wanted to reach. Now go get on your mat and breath.

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