India Intentions

India Intentions

I’m driving down the freeway simply going about my travels as usual and Wham!! Suddenly it hits me. I’m leaving for India soon! After a few deep breaths and some satisfying visualizations, I’m able to calm down.

Then at the end of a bustling day when I’m final able to sit and rest, Wham!! It hits me again. I’m seriously going to be in a foreign land for an entire month.

A Byron Katie quote comes to mind…“Reality is kinder than your thinking”

Ever since I was a child, I have always had a very imaginative mind that would often worry and be very sensitive and quite literal about practically everything. As you can imagine (if you imagine at all like I do) this would cause a lot of stress for me.

 Yoga and meditation have been so helpful in teaching me how to calm these wild and stressful thoughts . As I let the thoughts rest in my mind, I can more closely examine and question them and begin to recognize my harsh and incorrect thinking. When I am able to do this, I am filled with a deep peace inside.

I am constantly balancing my thoughts with the question that Byron Katie recommends we ask regularly “Is that true?” followed by  “The only thing you fear is the unreality that you yourself have invented” I will not allow my imaginative and inventive mind to interfere with my intentions for this trip.

Or was it Wayne Dyer, PHD…..”If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

 The way I am able to look at this adventure now is definitely different than I would have in the past. In fact I can easily look back at my past through the eyes of my children. As most of them are now grown and entering adulthood, I see much of my former self in them as I witness how they respond to responsibility and growth. I have a lot of hope for them because of how far I have come. We can look at our situations, circumstances and choices a certain way and be correct, and we can change our perspective, and still be correct. What that means is, what we think of- we attract. We create so much of our world. I will see, feel, hear and learn what I want to see, feel, hear and learn.
 Now for my Intention for this trip-
#1- To see Christ (God) everywhere and in everyone.
        Most of you know that I am LDS. This has been a huge blessing in my life.  Even though I grew up in a home that was split in the spirituality aspect, with some believing one thing and others believing another. Some may see that as negative and confusing, and I admit at times so did I. But as I have gotten older, I see more and more similarities between our differing views. And as a believer of Christ as the Savior of mankind, I also believe that everyone, at a deep level, knows this, and that it shows in one way or another.
Finally Jeffery Long says this “It is not by avoiding the things that we fear, the Gita teaches us, that we become free. It is by facing them head-on, with the courage of a warrior, and offering each action and experience as an offering to the divinity who dwells within us all that we can at last reach the state of transcendence, in which we see God in everyone and everything that we encounter. “

Do you see Christ, God or Divinity in everyone and everything? How about in yourself?

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