Every Autumn we will hold a Yoga Retreat not far from the studio location, where you can get away from the stresses of daily life and eat, sleep, and practice wellness. International retreats are offered bi-annually in May. Creating shift beyond your wildest dreams. Join us, check out our next upcoming retreat on the home page.

Teacher Training

Embark on a sacred journey as we present the necessary knowledge for becoming a well rounded yoga instructor or taking your practice to a whole new level. You will receive valuable information on History, Basic Anatomy, Methodology, Techniques, Sequencing, Philosophy & Ethics. Included is a manual with support materials and other helpful information that will be a great continual reference.

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Private Lessons

One on One with an experienced teacher will give you the attention you need for advancing your yoga practice or taking special care of an injury that’s in healing mode, yet getting the numerous benefits of yoga as well. Pricing varies.

Ayurveda Consults

Gain insight as to your Dosha (true nature/body type) and understand how keeping it in balance will solve a lot of issues like: Digestion, Insomnia, Weight Struggles, Exercise, Mood, Mental Clarity, Behavior and more. Call us for an a appointment.  Available on MWF 8am-1pm $60 per consultation.

Infrared Sauna Sessions

Soak in the warmth and healing properties of our Health Mate Infrared Sauna. Benefits include: Weight loss, Detoxifying, Healing for tissues, Balancing for Chakras, and so much more. Call us to make an a appointment! Available MWF 8am-1pm $30/per session or $125 for 5 sessions.

Wellness Makeover

Gain confidence, feel uplifted, and lose weight using eating, yoga, Ayurvedic, and listening practices. See your inner light and share it with the world! Experience true Health, Energy, and Clarity with Julz.

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World Renowned teachers often visit LLYC to offer cutting edge bio-mechanic information that will feed your body and soul. Taking your practice to the next level or providing a jump start. Also very valuable workshops are offered throughout the year from our staff of amazing teachers.

Group Classes

Enjoy the company of others as you share in the learning process. When you participate in our group classes, you will take the class at your own pace while understanding that others will too. Find a friend in class or bring one with you. Check what passes work best for you and your schedule!