Growth & Transformation

Growth & Transformation

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your heart. She who looks outside, dreams; she who looks inside, awakens.” Carl Jung


Summer is the season of growth and transformation. After a longggggg winter and a wettttttttt spring. The heat and sunshine take charge. I am glad because I have been waiting for the seeds I have nurtured to sprout. No, these seeds are not in my vegetable garden. No, there not in my flower garden either. They are from deep within. True transformation comes from a moment to moment dedication to something that is so real to you that you can taste, smell, see, feel and hear it. It is so easy for such seeds to be buried under non-essentials that we think are essential, washed away from doubt or fear, and dried up in the demanding call of the hot seat to stay true.

In terms of my body, it can so quickly become dull and slow with the putting off of my physical yoga practice. Yoga asks us to continually develop awareness of what your seeds are and what you want! By way of the body in a hatha practice. At the root of those seeds is connection.  I can truly say I have connected with my abs after Debbie’s Anusara class as well as my arms. What a great feeling to know that awareness of my abs and arms will bring about transformation, if I dedicate myself time after time. To me my abs represent personal power. The ability to lift my vibration to the level of my true hearts desire and not let it waiver in any given situation. My arms represent my ability to take action and do the work necessary for transformation to grow into a large oak tree.


Now connection is widely used to mean many different things. Some things I can connect with but they may harm my high vibrational calling and not be to anyone’s benefit. I’m speaking of connection to higher options that have a delicious flavor, sweet aroma, stunning colors and a feeling that’s un-describable.

When I awaken from the inside out, its like my whole being is participating in a huge celebration of a great magnitude. FIREWORKS!!! If everyone could have even a little idea of what could happen when they truly awaken, I imagine it would look like this picture of a train in INDIA.


No one wants to miss the train bound for HOME. Home is where you connect to your higher vibrant self as well as others vibrant selves. Clear on the direction without any doubt or fear, pushing onward through the obstacles that seems real but are not. Re-dedicate yourself to your practice this summer. Re-dedicate yourself to your vision. Re-dedicate yourself to your family. Re-dedicate yourself to service.

Watch when your sprout break the soil, it wasn’t easy because of the different space it steps into. Watch when your stalk grows tall, it takes clear vision to see the sun and stretch. Watch when your leaves and blossom first emerge, there is a need for letting go to reach out. Watch when your blossom finally opens, it must break free of what it was to become what it is. A beautiful representation of the awakening of you.


Julie Branham


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