“Go with the flow”?

“Go with the flow”?

“Go with the Flow”

Well, i have discovered a whole new meaning for the phrase. Many opportunities to let go of my should’s and has to be’s. As I float down the river and try to grab onto a tree on the bank, I keep being sucked into the flow. Indian Culture??? Western Culture???

The TTC (teacher training course) started with 5 people. When we gathered together after the first day, we realized that one of us was told the course was 5 weeks long and others were told 4 weeks. It started on this day and others another day. Two where told it was an Ashtanga course and the others Ashtanga and Hatha. Some that there would be some kundalini as well?? Did an under current just suck me in??

Indian Culture: Tell them what they want to hear
Western Culture: This is our course dates, times and style. Don’t like it? then find another.

Two of the women left the course and started another due to the course differences they weren’t expecting. Even after the course managers tried to adjust for them. Uhhhh?!!

Indian Culture: Try to please everyone
Western Culture: Have a focus and stick to it


Awe….Its a day off. sleep in, (well one hour) and join the 200HR group for an excursion to the Beatles Ashram. When we arrive it is closed for painting of the main gate. First of all, why was that not arranged ahead of time by the planners? Second, After being told to wait for thirty minutes, they said to wait one more hour (not sure they can tell time here). We got tired of waiting so we walked back and shopped along the way. I said to one other tourist, “Welcome to India”

Indian Culture: Plan without planning
Western Culture: Arrange well in advance then confirm

In our rooms at the guest house, there has been issues like, No hot water, marginally clean rooms, and bedding that has an interesting smell. Some solve this by using a sleeping bag, others by requesting a new room thats chemically cleaned and others by requesting clean sheets and some cleanser.
Or driving to the Beatles ashram on a scooter, my driver answers his phone while driving or the teacher answers his/her phone during class. sheesh…..

Indian Culture: “It’s ok, no problem!!”
Western Culture: Put down that phone or you’ll get a ticket. or Make everything at least look clean.

My answer is just imagine I’m camping and everything will be a pleasant surprise beyond that. Now off to bed, I have three more weeks to go:)

  • Colleen
    Posted at 21:59h, 17 November Reply

    Missing you here. Happy that you are flexible. Thank you for taking us with you…somewhat. Much Love!

  • Dorothy
    Posted at 08:08h, 18 November Reply

    Haha! This is fantastic Julie! So glad to be going through all these crazy experiences with you. Your light makes me forget about the dirty sheets, the non-chemically cleaned rooms and Indian planning altogether. 🙂

  • Alaine
    Posted at 17:08h, 18 November Reply

    Haha! Love this. Looks like Hanuman has your back-it was a mighty “leap” of faith getting where you are :).

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