Future of Yoga

Future of Yoga

So, whats up with yoga these days. Scandals, new leaders and styles, philosophies like the colors of the rainbow. There really is only one way to insure the future of yoga. “Purity”.

When we step onto the yogic path, we introduce a purity policy. We strive, in concert with our other practices in life, to purify the temporary identity and transcend to our true identity.
The bodies desires, our minds push for knowledge and move to the heart where purity reins supreme. Please recall the sutras. The content of them only mention yoga poses for a tiny portion, yet our desire of physical achievement of poses can consume our actions. The sutras also mention chitta vritti and this being a huge distraction of “The Self”, yet we get caught up in our building the ideal “me” through the control and organizing our lifes experiences and thoughts.

I have seen over and over in my life, in my teaching and in my husbands professional practice that if we don’t shift to the heart and let go of it all, nothing progresses permanently.

Our body will pass on, so will our material gains and accomplishments, but what really moves us and shifts us is being real and authentic, the “Pure True Self” service to the highest place.

Yoga at Lifted Life Yoga is committed to making sure your practice is not just 26 poses repeated from a mental written script, or a sequence meant ONLY improve your practice to a quote un quote “advanced level” Or even just create calm only. We are hear to speak with Life Enhancing quality that speaks to the true self, that the mind and the body will gladly succumb. Which they gladly do when purity abounds. Yoga is not a work out-not a religion-not a myth-not gymnastics-and not only amazing therapy for the body.

Its the best therapy of all for correctly balancing the body and mind to follow the Heart. The heart (not to be confused with emotions) or spirit will never steer you wrong:):)

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