Everything you are against weakens you. Everything you are for empowers you. ~Wayne Dyer

Do I have to be flexible to attend Yoga?
Isn’t Yoga hard to do?
What if I can’t touch my toes?

These are questions that you may have asked yourself somewhere along the line.
Even if you are only as flexible as a pencil – Yoga can help! You don’t need to achieve a certain level of fitness or flexibility before you can start your yoga practice. In fact to start your journey down the Yogic path, having those needs for fitness, flexibility, or calm are just the right recipe for seeing yoga do its magic!

Many poses can be modified or assisted with blocks, blankets, bent knees and straps until gradually deeper poses are achieved. It may seem like cheating at first, but it’s not. Pushing your body to its limits will only slow progress and may even cause injury.

In our technology rich world we are constantly sitting with little movement. This limited movement creates soft non-responsive muscles. Or you may be an avid gym goer/athlete that has muscles working in quick, consistent bursts of power leaving shortened muscles. Balance is needed to provide overall health of joints, ligaments and muscles alike. A little stretch before each workout can help, however, the time spent stretching vs. workouts is best on a 30-70 balance.

Now, yoga is not just stretching. Yoga puts together breath, strengthening, awareness, technique and off the mat application that cannot be paralleled by any other form of physical activity. YOGA offers it all!!!  You can achieve that 30-70 balance with yoga alone. It seems unreal, but yoga is the fountain of youth. Bring back the flexibility – energy and sharp mind of your youth with yoga.

  • julie Branham
    Posted at 16:33h, 31 January Reply

    IF you want to improve flexibility- you have to participate in actions that will provide it. It will empower you if you are FOR it 🙂

  • Linda Black
    Posted at 21:30h, 08 February Reply

    In the illustrious words of Bryan Kest…”The goal in yoga is to maintain vitality not flexibility. The poses are not created to promote flexibility, rather they are created to heal or maintain the health and vitality of the places of the body that they expose.” http://www.poweryoga.com/aboutyoga/faq.php#flexibility.

    Somewhere along the way of opening places in the body and maintaining vitality we naturally gain flexibility, strength and endurance. I am FOR it! 🙂

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