Fat that Increases Energy

Fat that Increases Energy

When you eat essential fatty acids in the form of pure, unadulterated fats and oils, your energy levels and stamina increase. This is especially obvious to the overweight, the elderly and athletes.

One of Erasmus’ studies involved athletes who added 1 tablespoon per 50 lbs of body weight of essential fatty acids to their diet. It found that these athletes gained increased strength and endurance, could lift heavier weights, do more reps and recovered from fatigue faster. Some also reported weight loss with the increased fat intake! Those who consume fresh EFA’s find their energy levels pick up, they feel like being physically active and they stay alert later into the evening. When they stopped taking the EFA’s this increased stamina was back down to normal within two weeks.

I took EFA’s by the tablespoon in my green smoothie during my pregnancy with my twins to make sure I had enough for their developing brains.  Studies show that lack of EFA’s in the diet has been linked to postpartum depression because the mom gives her own to the developing baby.  I felt great and gained weight right on schedule.  I took Udo’s Oil because there is no fish oil in it and no fishy taste. Not particular on the brand, just that I get the right amount of healthy fats in my diet.  Udo’s oil is a blend of flax, sunflower, sesame, coconut, evening primrose oils, and a few others.

Don’t get stuck in the ‘avoiding fat’ trap.  Monitor your fat intake and look for healthy oils.  The key here is the right kind of fat.

by Heather Merchant

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