I just had to tell you that last week when we got that huge snow storm, I shoveled a lot of heavy snow and in years past, the muscles in my back would be killing me after something like that. I totally shovel differently now, I consciously engage my abs and use my core and take the strain out of my back. I shoveled my driveway, my neighbors driveway, and had to shovel in front of my office too the next day, and my back didn’t hurt one bit. I am so happy! Yoga has really helped by back feel better, my posture is better at work, and I’m learning to apply it to other areas of my life!


I have seen the positive affects of Yoga on my life. I was thinking the other day about the decision I made to try Yoga, I was really nervous and didn’t know if I should even try it. The first few weeks just about killed me. I don’t know if your routines used to be that difficult or if I got that much better or learned not to fight it as much, but big difference!  Keep up the good work. I always recommend your studio to people. Thanks!

Garon Larson – Alpine, Utah

Just when I thought I couldn’t be surprised, I was amazed!-at how I feel and Heal on a regular basis attending Lifted Life Yoga. Say “YES” to a transformative experience.

Rebekka E. – Alpine, Utah

I have been enjoying yoga so much that I chose to switch from direct tv to a yoga membership. Drop your satellite tv and join Lifted Life! Give yourself a reason to move instead of a reason to sit.
Tye B.- Lehi, Utah
“Yoga has made an amazing difference for good with my hips and shoulders, that would hurt every night and wouldn’t let me sleep. I have degenerative spine disease which was becoming calcified and always painful and bulging L4, L5 discs. They are not bothering me anymore. I always feel relief after a yoga session. Thank You! Julie is the best!”
C Redd, Highland Ut.
“I had all but resigned myself to being stiff and sore from now on until I met Julie and was introduced to Yoga.  Along with improved flexibility, range of motion, strength and overall fitness of body and mind, the most delightful aspect of Yoga is that I always feel better after completing a session that I do before it begins. We have been actively participating for just over six months, 3-4 times a week, and as “senior citizens” it has opened up a whole new future of health and vitality for us.”
Paul R., Highland Ut.
“I had my first back surgery 13 years ago from a skiing accident. Since then I have gone to gyms on & off….and I’ve practiced yoga. My last back surgery was 9 months ago. I’m back practicing yoga again and I haven’t had any significant problems with my back. Just one week ago I slipped and fell on my back and because of yoga I have had no problem. I really believe yoga can help everyone.”
Joni S.

Moeller S. – “I have found strength, and inner peace because of practicing yoga.”
Ellis A. – “It helps my back condition immensely! I have less pain.”
Whitaker M. – “It has been soothing to my achy joints.”
Wheelwright R. – “Stretches my back really well so I can comfortably sit to do homework and chase kids easier.”
Dodson L. – “I get my own personalized workout every time! Has taught me to “breathe” and relax  between clients.”
Armstrong M. – “My posture, energy, and self-esteem are better than ever!
Warnick T. – “I feel peacefulness, patience, strength, and flexibility. Yoga is a necessity.”
Robertson D. – “Yoga helped my recovery from illness, and increased my flexibility.”
Lustic K. – “I am feeling noticeable improvement in my right leg nerve pain after 2 years of CONSISTENT yoga.”
Armitstead L. – “This is a great service for so many people.”
Smith V. – “I feel I have found peace with my body and this gives fulfillment to my soul.”
Mackay M. – “I enjoy the positive energy the studio provides.”
Chatelain A. – “I feel a special balance between strength, flexibility, my overall presence, and emotional equilibrium.”
Carolyn H. – “I love the teachers. The knowledge, care and concern they have for me is genuine. I also love getting to know my fellow practitioners, they have become my friends.
Dick C. – “Lifted Life is the Best! Beautiful Surroundings! Beautiful Teachers! Good Vibes! Good Health!
Nichole. – “Lifted Life Yoga changed me for the better! I am so grateful for the knowledge of the mind and body that I have gained through these amazing teachers. I love how peaceful and welcoming it is here – no matter your age, body type, or level of experience.”
Jenkins A. – “It’s worth the money. Your body needs it.”
Fraser N. – “This is the best yoga studio…the best instructors (thanks Julie and Deb)… You make it such a warm and nonjudgmental place.”
Mckayleigh. – “So grateful I found this studio! The best!”
Walker T. – “I love Lifted Life Yoga! It brings me peace and happiness! A lifted life and higher power!
Williamson E. – “I love Lifted Life Yoga!!!! Ever since my mom brought me to this place, I always love going here and feeling relaxed.”
Squire S. – “I love being able to come and find peace and purpose in my life. I love the people, the love, joy, and friendship I feel. Thank you!”
Barton I. – “So glad to be doing yoga again! Thanks for what you are doing here!!”

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