• Wellness Makeover Intro. with Julz

May 20th at 11-12:30pm     FREE

Find out exactly what the, life changing, Wellness Makeover is and see how the 4 stage process can help you renew, remake, and re-discover who you truly are.

  • Scoliosis Workshop with Julz 

September 9th at 10am-12pm    $25 / $20 for members

Learn different modifications and adjustments in yoga specifically for Scoliosis to relieve pain, and find the practice that works for you!

  • Pranayama Workshop with Julz 

June 6 at 11am-1pm    $25 / $20 for members

The breath of life (Prana) has such power to shift our bodies and minds. In this class we will learn 3 to 4 different pranayama’s that will open you up to a whole new experience. Inner mixed with some gentle asanas you will feel energized and at peace.